Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama Quietly Makes It Eleven in a Row

Democrats Abroad is an organization of U.S. citizens living outside the U.S. It coordinates voting in 168+ other countries, and besides carrying 4.5 (!) delegates (more to be added later), it represents a uniquely worldly -- as in, bearing viewpoints and experiences outside our own borders, with an understanding of how others around the world see the U.S.

For the second reason, it's significant that Barack Obama won the Democrats Abroad "primary."

And if you wonder why Americans overseas prefer Obama, ask yourself: what could better demonstrate America's desire to reverse course after the Bush debacle -- what could better begin reconstructing our relationships with the rest of the world -- than for billions on non-Americans from Paris to Islamabad, Toronto to Venezuela, Sydney to New Delhi, to awaken the morning after next November's election, open their newspapers, and see the face of Barack Obama -- son of an African and an American, resident of Hawai'i, Indonesia, and Illinois, living symbol that the American dream is still alive -- under the celebratory headline "America Has Chosen Her Next President"?

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