Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Quick Links for Super Tuesday Browsing

OK, it's Super Tuesday, and no one cares about Bill Richardson today, which makes it a bad idea for a post about him to be on top. For Democratic Super Tuesday browsers, here's a short list of links to my more recent posts relevant to Obama, Clinton, and today's decision:
Electability: Do We Want to Win By a Touchdown, or a Safety?
Electability: Six [Poll] Points
Overview: Why Nominating Hillary Is a Bad Idea
HRC & Fox News: Goat Herders' Kids Know About Foxes. Hillary, Not So Much. (with update today)
Electability: Zogby: Hillary Would Lose
Women's Vote: Hillary's "Feminism" and Hillary's Friends
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JP said...

Down with Lieberman - that traitor!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely - and, while people decry Lieberman's "mentorship" of Obama (all freshmen are assigned a more experienced senator to show them the ropes), Hillary's much, much closer to Lieberman than Obama is, on everything from the war, to the resolution laying the groundwork for war on Iran, to the bankruptcy bill, and much more!