Saturday, February 2, 2008

Overview: Why Nominating Hillary Is a Bad Idea

(Photo: Hillary Clinton and Rupert Murdoch, ultra-conservative founder of Fox News, at Fox News' 10th anniversary party. Murdoch later threw a Fox News-sponsored campaign fundraiser for Clinton!)

I'm working on a sort of "ten reasons" list why it would be a huge mistake to nominate Hillary Clinton -- who's really doing a fine job as NY's Senator and ought to stay there -- as the Democratic Presidential nominee. Top among those reasons are that (a) multiple polls show she's not electable against McCain, whereas Obama is; (b) while she claims she'll stop the Iraq war, the truth is that she has consistently supported it and has never backed down from that position; and (c) she's got a lot of ties to conservative donors and power brokers, not because she's so conservative but because she's a Washington insider who will just keep playing the game the way it's always been played without actually being an agent of change.

But till I get that done, here are links to some of my earlier posts showing why Hillary's not the right one:

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That's just a sample, but it'll help you get the idea. Thanks for swinging by!


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Snave said...

As they used to say on the Ren and Stimpy Show... hwarf!!!!

Good idea, listing reasons not to vote for a particular candidate.

I was getting so sick of people saying "Heck with those other guys, I'm voting for RON PAUL!" that I started making a list of reasons why all voters should steer clear of that human clusterf*ck. I was at 57 reasons and decided twenty would have been enough, and that this was overkill... but anyway, if you're interested, if it isn't on the current page in my blog, it's in my blog archives.

I am currently putting together a list of reasons why nobody should vote for John McCain. He might be more moderate than Rummey and the Huckabilly, but I don't think he is by much.