Sunday, November 26, 2006

Utterly Off-Topic: Ski Bear Poster?

UPDATE: Thanks to Wunder, the poster has been found! The version I had read "Ski Bare" or "Ski Bear" (don't remember which), but this is the famous pic. It's available at

ORIGINAL POST: Couldn't be more off topic, but when I was a lusty teenager I had a famous (at least for Northern California) poster in my bedroom for Bear Valley ski resort. It showed an attractive woman (incidentally, the wife of the then-general manager), nude, from the rear, on skis, with a tree branch conveniently covering her heinie. The logo simply said, "Ski Bear" (a play on "Ski Bare"). It was a quintissential 70s poster, representing the wonderful naive iconoclasm of the age, and I would expect someone would have reproduced it, have an old one for sale on eBay, or at least have posted an image somewhere on the Internets -- but I can't find hide nor hair of the fabulous bear.

Anyone remember this one? Not that I want to own it necessarily -- it just crossed my memory and when I googled, nothing showed, which got me wondering. And who better to ask than the most erudite group on the planet?

Obsessively yours (once he starts wondering about a thing) --




wunder said...

An image of the poster is on the Bear Valley wiki and the poster is available from a shop in Bear Valley.

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Wunder! Now I need to find out which shop it's in. Just seeing that memento of a simpler time really brings me back.

Anonymous said...

My dad Jeff Puccinelli took this photo. I remember him talking about the day he took it. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't the wife of the General Manager who at that time would have been Bonney Rasmussen.

Anonymous said...

I have one of the posters as well ... I'm wondering why no one has recreated it. I asked a waiter at the Bear Valley Lodge what happened to the gal ... they indicated that she lived in Alpine county, as was not doing well ... some sad story that she was not willing to tell us.

Anonymous said...

Well, we have the correct info for Anonymous #1. The subject is my Aunt. She was only a part time resident at Bear Valley, and though her husband was not the GM, he did take the picture and was involved in the beginnings of the Bear Valley resort we know today. Anonymous #2 - She is doing well and living near West LA despite what the lodge staff said. Everyone needs to read the correct history of MT. Reba and Bear Valley at The Rasmusussens can confirm this as well as I knew their son Greg, an Olympic athlete. Mr. D

Anonymous said...

This is actually my aunt and her name is not Bonney Rasmussen. The photo was taken by her husband at the time and she never lived in Alpine county, her family had a cabin at Lake Alpine. She lives in Southern CA and her name is Betty.