Sunday, November 26, 2006

More On Obama

I like this, from The Stygian Times.

Also noted that, in an interview on Franken's show last week, Obama refused to diss Hillary (a prospective 2008 Presidential competitor) in any way whatsoever, not even to simply distinguish his positions from hers. Nuthin but "she's a lovely woman with firm perky breasts and great policies who would make a great President" or something like that. Anyone care to second-guess my opinion that Obama is gunning for the #2 spot behind Hillary, and not seriously seeking the Presidency himself (yet)?



Anonymous said...

Obama is a "New Democrat" like the Clintons. He voted for those agency heads who want torture and spying. He voted for torture and spying. He's favors Faith Based programs. He favors globalization and privitization. He favors all of Bush's programs (while acting like he's a Progressive).

Obama is not a Democrat at all. Who ever wrote his speech at the convention should be up for office. Obama told us what we wanted to hear but did not do it.

Mary Landreu (LA-D) said Americans are sick of the extreme right and left. They are mostly middle. Where is the left Mary? The New Democrats are acting like they won the last election with the "middle". It was grass roots Mary.

The DLC kept us from electing more Progressives by not supporting them financially or poltically. We the grass roots and Progressive are the middle.

Anonymous said...

I am a frenchman who will never respect Obama if he even conciders being Hillary's #2. As if that would ever happen.
Hillary will not be given the nomination because she is boring and too inside the beltway and has no ideas.
obama is not a new democrat. he is not like the clintons. He wants to change the way politics are like. He wants politics to refocus on the people and not on gotcha. He is not like Hillary.