Sunday, November 26, 2006

Silly Monkey Invents a New Vichy Test

This blog began with a simple Vichy/nonVichy test: were Dem senators for or against filibustering Alito? But, of course, that's old news now, and things are more complicated with our newfound control of both houses.

But I just stumbled across a couple of nice, albeit pre-election, posts by SillyMonkey with a nice new acid test: whether the Dem in question voted for one of the bills (House or Senate) suspending habeas corpus. (Read the top two posts there.)

Shows how out of it I've been not to have seized on that obvious and excellent test of "our side", and how glad I am to have others out there who are more on the ball of late!

Now that we've won control of one branch, of course, identifying and gutting Vichys is more important than ever, so thanks be to anyone who helps us see clearly who to target.

And congrats on the Monkey's upcoming nuptials!!


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Pontificating Weasel said...

Have you thought about changing the name of your blog to Lamont Democrats?