Saturday, May 6, 2006

Tony Blair Daintily Partakes of More Texas Kool-Aid

(Photos: Blair drinks the "medicinal" beverage offered him by his friend, George W. Bush; Blair feels strangely euphoric and manipulable afterward!)

Politically, British Prime Minisher Tony Blair -- the only other world leader to wholeheartedly embrace war with Iraq despite knowing that "the intelligence was being fixed around the policy" -- is suffering; recent elections dealt his party a major setback, and his poll number, like Bush's are tanking.

So, of course, just like Bush, he reshuffled his cabinet to make it seem that he was making substantive changes. His message: we're reasonable, we've learned, we're ready to lead sensibly again. Right?


No, no, his cabinet shuffle appears intended to send the message, "We're ready to invade Iran, too! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! And you can't stop us! Here, take two or three of these, they make you feel great! Ha ha!"

The removal of [Foreign Secretary Jack] Straw, who has enjoyed strong relations with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, was a surprise. Some analysts cited tension with Blair concerning Iran's nuclear program -- at a time when Britain and the United States are trying to pressure the country, Straw has publicly called a military attack on Iran "inconceivable."

With the purge, "Blair has pulled out the dagger for the first time and wielded it with gay abandon," said Ben Page, managing director of Ipsos MORI, a polling firm. By elevating several long-trusted allies, he is signaling to skeptics in the public and within his own party "that he is still absolutely serious about trying to deliver on the remaining parts of his legacy."

*** Bush and Blair have maintained that all options remain on the table in dealing with Iran. But in addition to calling an attack inconceivable, Straw has called the reported consideration of a U.S. tactical nuclear strike on Iran "completely nuts."

"All options remain on the table in dealing with Iran"? They should have the imagination to change more than one letter -- from "q" to "n" -- when they deliver their propaganda. And "deliver on the remaining parts of his legacy?" Blair's legacy, to his party and his nation, is debt, loss of respect around the world, and a seemingly intractable, permanent war in a region where Britain has always, always, always, throughout all history, since it participated in the First Crusade in 1089, LOST. Blair's legacy is to now continue that proud tradition in Iran. British voters should terminate his leadership -- with prejudice -- before it's too late.


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lucretia said...

The trouble with a PM replacement for the UK is possible Tory PM. that's worse for Britain, just like our people at lower incomes are suffering due to fast and furious elimination of social programs by our Bush ultra-right admin. At least Blair's Labour party is good for the British people and Blair is an effective administrator (which Bush is not, but Karl steps in).

I've watched Prime Minister's Questions on C-Span and Blair is so smart and so fast with responses, and domestically is well informed. Pitiable contrast to Bush.

But Jack Straw to be a cut below Blair as a politician. Untrustworthy in a weak way. Blair is untrusworthy of course at least with foreign matters, but he is trying to hold Britain together and trying to keep the country aligned with the U.S. where the world power is. Going with Europe too much will not help Britain.

When the so-called terrorist attack was done on Britain in the underground railway, Jack Straw was on the news with a 'proper' righteous face on it---really the first time they've had a chance to do this--meaning they were victims like us. And to me he looked phony as hell. I could have laughed at this expression. I think the Brit. govt. did the attack. It made terrorism more real to the country and the world.

I'm pleased he spoke so strongly against an attack on Iran, but from the standpoint of the great coverup of US/Britain over WMD (Dowining St. memo, etc.) and all the other suspicious actions why would he do this?