Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Go Support Feingold.

C'mon, just one click. Don't you DARE vote for Hil. h/t Egreggious.


lucretia said...

thersites2: Just what have you got in mind? At least as far as the mid-terms go?

Of course I would support Feingold over Hillary in 2008. But don't be naive about Hillary either--if she's the Dem candidate in 2008,who do you think will be the facist party candidate? Jeb, I betcha--would you rather vote for him?

Things are bad. But we have to face what may be the inevitable.

egreggious said...

My first real h/t!

Thanks, thersites2.

Anonymous said...


AlanSmithee said...

Bullshit. Anyone who thinks DLC Hillary would make the slightest bit of difference never lived through the '90s.

But then, if you voted for "Send More Troops" Kerry, you'd vote for a lightly retarded rabbit. Nevermind.