Sunday, March 4, 2007

Under Saddam, Tolerance. Under Bush, Genocide.

Just damned sad. That's all I have to say about it.


Andrew Johnson said...

The US funded genocide of West Papua?

That is a US genocide, intentional slaughter of the Papuan people to keep the Freeport mine open and keep US business relations with the TNI military across Indonesia.

The companies that help fund GW Bush's victory in 2000; Bechtel, Freeport McMoRan, Exxon Mobil, etc. are the same companies profiteering from harvesting colonial profits from West Papua to Aceh. Forty years of genocide according to the Yale Law School 2004 study, no wonder GW Bush in May 2003 decided to dis-arm the word "genocide" before that report was published.

I don't know what you call the situation in Iraq, people are dying, but this time it is irrelevant to the US corporations. So long as there is a pro-US business government installed.

Andrew Johnson said...

Unfortunately genocide often has international supporters wanting the profits of genocide, or who agree the victims are "primitives" or "sub-human" who should be eliminated for the benefit of others..

All Americans should be keenly aware of their largest mine, a combined gold & copper mine in West Papua designed & built by Bechtel and operated by Freeport McMoRan. The gold & copper was discovered in 1936 by Mobil & Chevron, their geologist called it "Ertsberg" (Mountain of Ore), but it was not until 1959 when the Dutch colony discovered there was gold flowing into the Arafura Sea and began searching for the mountain source, that Rockefeller's Freeport Sulphur suddenly decided it was time to mine West Papua.

Inside the White House, McGeorge Bundy & Robert Komer told Kennedy that the US could only save itself from communism by forcing the Netherlands to sign the New York Agreement selling West Papua to Indonesian control. After Indonesian General Suharto came to power by killing a half million Javanese potential opponents in 1966, Freeport Sulphur in 1967 got its first 30 year license from Indonesia to mine the Pacific nation of West Papua.

In 2004 the Yale University Law School published its report:
Indonesian Human Rights Abuses in West Papua:
Application of the Law of Genocide to the History of Indonesian Control

In 2005 the US Congressmen wrote Section 1115 asking questions about West Papua & Indonesia's claim of sovereignty. In late 2005 Bechtel & Freeport & Exxon used their lobby the "US Indonesia Society" to petition the US Senate to remove the entire Section 1115.

Genocide is about denial, the US Congress was not even allowed to ask questions about West Papua. 40 years of genocide (according to Yale Law School) and colonial mining courtesy of the Indonesian military.

GW Bush has allowed Indonesia to keep Jihadist training camps OPEN, he also lifted Clinton's bans on the TNI, and even commenced U.S. funding & Aid to the Indonesian military which still works with Laskar Jihad and other al Qaeda networks. Why ? Gold & money ?