Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why It's a NOUGAT-FILLED Satan Sandwich

Yes, the Deal is clumsy and unsatisfying, kicks the can down the road, and is an embarrassment to a supposedly functional democracy -- a "sugar-coated Satan sandwich." But it's still a Democratic win, because it leaves the probability of Republicans, suicidally, at election time, either agreeing to tax hikes (in the Joint Committee) or allowing tax hikes to happen (by letting the Joint Committee deadlock, causing all Americans' taxes to increase automatically).

That is, it's a Democratic win IF progressives can keep their sh*t together, stop the idiotic and nonproductive internecine warfare between so-called Firebaggers and Obamabots, and pull together to demand that the Joint Committee include true Democrats who'll hold firm rather than Blue Dogs and Vichies who'll surrender on the electorally all-important new revenues issue.

Here, in a highly sophisticated graphical format developed after over one minute of communications-strategy research and diligent labor, is why the Satan Sandwich contains a nummy, pro-Democrat nougat center:



BlueTrooth said...

Here's my dilemma. I won't be celebrating the tax revenue increases as a victory or win. Based on our recent debate in Congress, it seems fairly certain that all revenues will be applied to deficit reduction with no new spending or Jobs program. That could all change in 2012 if we can vote in Democratic Super majorities in both the House and Senate, but I stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus eons ago. Even in the minority, the Republicans have no qualms with blatant obstruction. In fact, they were rewarded for their "Party of No" strategy. For me, the deal is at best, not a disaster. At worst, a disaster. But my sincere thanks for demonstrating the "not a disaster" potential in this Satan's Sandwich.

Cody_K said...

Does anyone really think Obama is going to hold firm on a promise to sunset all Bush Tax Cuts (both upper and lower wage earners)... and not get into another protracted fight trying to decouple the two? Really?

Keep supporting the capitulation... and you will continue to get more of the same. You and I won't be drinking whiskey together like we were after last December's cave-in, that's for sure.

M.S. Bellows, Jr. said...

You're right that the Rs will attempt extend ALL the tax cuts, Cody, but here's the leverage: if the Committee deadlocks, then the tax cuts expire. If the GOP demands that they all be extended and Obama vetoes, then the tax cuts expire. The Dems don't need to DO anything to make that happen.

So when the Senate Dems introduce a decoupled bill extending the middle-class cuts but keeping rates high on the wealthy, the Rs will filibuster it, right? Right before an election year. And voters will be told that their taxes will increase 2 months after the election simply because the GOP is stopping the bill that would keep their rates low.

I don't see any way out of the conundrum for the GOP, EXCEPT (as my scrawl states) hoping that the Dems are as spineless as FDL claims. If they will simply deadlock the committee, they can't help but win. I think even our errant party can't help but see that and make it happen.

Cody_K said...

Perhaps. But at this point, I have more faith in a deadlocked Committee than Obama's veto pen... or our typical feckless "voters will be told" messaging apparatus.