Thursday, December 21, 2006

For Lieberman, The Center Isn't Right Enough

There's a Senate Centrist Coalition. Uber- Vichy Joe Lieberman quits it, forming a new center-er group with Republicans and fellow Vichys like Mary Landrieu (V-LA)(she who did whatever Bush asked her to in exchange for false promises to seriously rebuild New Orleans. Fool.)

Jeez, I wish Lamont had won! At least Kos and crowd are on the story. But now definitely is the time to stand up for true Dems and stand against the Vichys; as the new Congress forms, the soul of the party is being reshaped, and hopefully in the right way.

While we're on it, anyone else have the thought that the current Newsweek cover (Hillary v. Obama 2008) actually is displaying the centrists' dream ticket (Hillary-Obama '08)? I don't think Barack is making a serious bid for the Presidency; he's just trying to prove to Hillary that he's electable in the no. 2 spot, and will make his big move in '16.


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