Saturday, July 1, 2006

Bless you, GMT!

I finally go online long enough to find an article so relevant that I can shrug aside my obsessions and depressions and blog -- and find GMT has filled the void in my absence. Thankee.

My own input: Michelle Goldberg on HuffPo, h/t Atrios, on why Obama IS FUCKING UP by (maybe even unintentionally) buying into the radically unsuccessful DLC/Accommodationist line. Maybe if more people (besides me) say it, those entranced by Barack's centrist spel [yes, sic] will wake up and join those of us who see real potential in the boy, and are screaming for him to tell the triangulators to go to hell, and start carving out a true leadership course. Know how Colin Powell could have been the first African-American President if he'd declared as a Democrat instead of as a Republican? Barack's the evil twin: he might get himself nominated (my bet: as VP on Hillary's ticket), or even elected, but so what? If a man loseth his soul, what shall he gain? And if Obama joins the Carlyle Group, who gives a rip whether he's a "black" President? Better a Cheney or a Wolfowitz, so we can at least take aim at them directly without feeling conflicted.

What about me, you ask? Two months invested in the Christmas/religious wars book, all the good-looking chances at getting it published appear to be disintegrating, family and financial responsibilities (which are hitting redline after being neglected for two months) are dragging me away from finishing it, and now our landlords -- whom we used to like -- are acting like jerks, so we may need to move in the next month or two instead of staying put until my wife finishes school and my younger daughter graduates from elementary school. Which, of course, will put the finishing bullet in the book. I'm an unhappy, lost and bewildered camper. But it appears I do have friends, and a little bit of righteous anger left. Thanks for that.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. You have a heart of gold and will pull through.

David Manus said...

see real potential in the "boy"?

Anonymous said...

Docweasel: referring to youth, not race. Sheesh.