Saturday, January 1, 2005

Chinese Embassy Consulate Contact Information. Free Tibet!

Take Action: We can't force China to leave Tibet. We can't make George Bush grow a caring soul. We can, however, tell China that the world is watching, and that the world cares about what happens in Tibet. And China will care about that, because it is hosting the upcoming Beijing Olympics and is desperate to cultivate an image as a safe, free, humane country that tourists should support with tourism dollars. China needs Westerners to like it right now -- so let's tell China that actually, no, we don't, and we want it to leave Tibet alone.

Here's contact info for key Chinese embassies and consulates -- and I'll be adding more, so please check back; there's no reason why one person can't make more than one call, each to a different office. BE POLITE -- NO OBSCENITY OR SHOUTING!! -- BUT FIRM ABOUT THE FACT THAT YOU'RE PAYING ATTENTION AND WANT CHINA TO ALLOW TIBETAN CULTURAL FREEDOM, IF NOT TRUE INDEPENDENCE:

Chinese Embassy, Washington D.C.:
Telephone 202-328-2500

Chinese Consulate, New York:
Telephone 212-244-9392 or 212-244-9456

Chinese Consulate, Chicago:
Telephone 312-803-0095
Fax: 312-803-0110

Chinese Consulate, San Francisco:
Overseas Affairs Office Telephone: 415-674-2917
Cultural Affairs Office Telephone: 415-674-2961
Public Affairs Office Telephone: 415-674-2946

Chinese Consulate, Los Angeles:
Telephone 213-807-8088
Fax 213-807-8091

Chinese Consulate, Houston:
Telephone 713-520-1462
Fax 713-521-3064

Contact info for people running this summer's Beijing Olympics here!

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