Monday, February 13, 2006

Shoot, Mr. Vice President! OOPS, Hold Fire!

VichyDems is pleased to welcome Randwolfe to the Resistance blogging community:

I wonder if the Veep is just a bad shot, or is he harboring some deep seated need to kill someone? Unfortunately, this last weekend, Dick Cheney shot Harry Wittington. As a spokesperson said, "He peppered him pretty good." This has nothing to do with what I originally sat down to write, it just happened to come on the news as I sat down. Apparently this hunting farm is quite a place. Seems you drive up in your car and wait for the fowl to be released, then you hop out and then blast away. These are not even wild fowl, they are raised for this specific purpose.

I am starting to put this together in my mind. OK, this is just a very sick symptom of the kind of person Dick Cheney is. First, what is sporting about drive-up shooting? Second, it appears that Dick Cheney is totally unprepared to be a hunter, if he cannot distinguish between a quail and a man. (he shot the guy in the face, neck, and chest). Cheney didn't see Wittington approaching about 30 yards away, wearing a bright-orange safety vest. Afterwards, the spinners tried to put it on Mr. Wittington, saying that he should have warned the Veep that he was approaching.

"It's incumbent upon the shooter to assess the situation and make sure it's a safe shot," said Mark Birkhauser, president-elect of the International Hunter Education Association and hunter education coordinator in New Mexico. "Once you squeeze that trigger, you can't bring that shot back." And Duane Harvey, president of the Wisconsin Hunter Education Instructors Association, said if Whittington had made his presence known "that would have been a polite thing to do." But, he added, "it's still the fault upon the shooter to identify his target and what is beyond it." So the law says that the shooter is responsible to clear the range, making sure there are no people in the area. The whole episode represents how the Bush administration operates. Namely, shoot first and ask questions later.

Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal, a Democrat pretty much summed it up when he said the accident wouldn't keep him from going on a bipartisan hunt with Cheney. "I would be proud to hunt with the vice president - cautious, but proud," he told reporters.

But seriously, what kind of sick sport is this? Drive up quail hunting? My God, how ridiculous. I gave up hunting years ago as a boy; I realized that killing a living thing is not right, unless it is for subsistence. But before that teenage awakening of conscience, I did hunt, only after being very well trained in gun handling. Hunting is not a sport, it is a way for some people to stay alive.

Whatever they might call this drive up hunting, it is an aberration, a very disgusting derivative of the "sport" of hunting, but it is not sporting. It must be designed for fat old politicians and others who must satisfy a physical need to actually dominate nature by killing something. This is much different than their standard method of killing. For instance, normally they would remotely send launch orders to a cruise missile.

This posting, my first one here, completely diverged from what I meant to write about. So I will just consider this a commentary on the ridiculous. And my next posting will be my official first one. But getting back to making analogies between Cheney's hunting "accident" and the way the Bush administration, i.e. the Cheney administration, generally conducts itself. It is more or less the shotgun effect. Just aim your foreign and domestic policy at anything, and maybe something will work. Iraq is the ultimate example of that policy. There was no plan, no foresight, and very bad intelligence. They just aimed the military, and started shooting.

If you or I would have accidentally shot a hunting partner, there is no doubt that the police would be involved and there would be an investigation. I cannot help noticing how Cheney's accident was dealt with. Apparently, nearly a full hour after the accident, the head of local Secret Service called to report the incident to the local sherriff. There was a deal made between the Secret Service and the local sheriff to have the police show up the following morning. When a deputy did show up at the ranch sometime after the shooting, oblivious to any deals made, he was turned away by the Secret Service.

And was that an end of it. I'm sure Cheney would have liked that to be the end, but it gets worse. They actually held the story until monday morning following saturday, the day of the shooting. Cheney chose not to tell anyone, he didn't even tell the President. Mrs. Armstrong, the woman hosting them at the ranch, wanted to send an email right away to the local press but she was told she must wait until the next day to report it. What's up with that? Sounds like a gang hold up on the lamb. This just fits right in with the way these people operate, they are the law unto themselves. I would really love to know if there was any kind of REAL follow-up investigation, or if Cheney is, like his boss, above the law.

Happy Hunting! I will get back onto the more pertinent topics of this blog with my next post, which will be about the Patriot Act, and how it has now been temporarily extended twice beyond its expiration date of Dec. 31, 2005. And I will be detailing which democrats support it going forward in its original draconian form, or if they are trying to modify its Orwellian nature. But this shooting story was too tempting to stay quiet about. Stay tuned!

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Pontificating Weasel said...

Oh, yeah, I know it is hard for the morally clueless to tell the difference between a hunting accident and repeatedly pumping the presidential semen in another man's daughter's face. Par for the course over here on the left side. But that's hardly the point is it? If the Vice President' s hunting buddy sues him and they subpoena the Vice President in to take his deposition and the Vice President is placed under oath and feloniously perjures himself by saying "I did not fire that shotgun" then you can talk to me about impeaching the Vice President, OK? Meanwhile, I'll give the VP a pass for going quail hunting (quail? I thought it was doves) and spare my righteous indignation for people who strap explosives on teenagers, march them off into the market and blow up innocent bystanders. Just me, though. To each is own. If you want to ban quail hunting on private property, have at it. I mean, where I work, they've already banned all the managers from extorting sexual favors from the interns. I guess if they can ban Clinton's hobby they can ban Cheney's.