Saturday, February 18, 2006

MoveOn Queries Members About Right-Wing Dems

By Randwolfe:

I think it is interesting to note that MoveOn is testing the waters, trying to find out from their members if there is a consensus about going after right-wing Democrats (Vichys) in the coming primaries. I received an email this morning, and the following contains the gist of their query:

"Should we challenge right-wing Democrats?

Our top goal is ending right-wing Republican control of Congress but to make progress on core issues we think MoveOn should challenge right-wing Democrats in primary elections. What do you think? Give us feedback."

It is very nice of them to ask so politely, but the answer seems obvious: Yes! Hold their feet to the fire! However, they have set up a feedback page if anyone would like to add their two cents to the issue HERE.

It appears they already have Henry Cuellar in their sights. If MoveOn can apply some pressure to any of the Democrats In Disguise, good for them. But I think the model that has been established here - a fast, direct action movement that can get several thousand contacts made before some committee has even finished its meeting and drafted its email petition - is well on its way to carving out an important niche in grassroots political action.

Thersites said it best when he wrote, "Our goal here is nothing less than helping build a new kind of movement that capitalizes on the Internet and other communications technologies that no citizens, in the history of the world, have ever had before. If the Dean campaign and MoveOn used the Internet to build "grassroots organizations," then we can use it to empower the grassroots themselves. We can bring a new thing into the world: Internet-driven, rapid-response, politically nuanced, direct grassroots democracy. I'm convinced that can be powerful."

And I give that a strong second.


Christopher said...

The DINO largesse in the US Senate is a thorn in my side.

Their leader is, Joe "Joementum" Lieberman (D-CT) and although his reelection to the Senate in November is a given, I am thrilled that he has a serious challenger in Ned Lamont.

Lieberman is a dangerous DINO: he enjoys the financial backing of the wealthy Republican-led business community, as well as Republican lobbyists.

In fact, Lieberman has far more support among conservatives than he does from liberals.

Plus, he's seriously in contention to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense who wants to begin a stint at lobbying for the military industrial complex.

We can all find comfort in knowing Lieberman "hearts" Bush.

BenMerc said...

Well it is a nice try in getting their minority Dem members to apply pressure to the DNC and DSCC, but how effective can a minority be within the party?

Let's face it, the bulk of the Democratic party is made up of the same un and misinformed un-lit wicks that make up a good percentage of the other party. And at the drop of a hat either may be quickly manipulated by the msm, and subsequently are.

Until these people are reached and the bulk become informed and proactive, dealing with the two parties seems like a lost cause. Oh, I am aware that's all we got folks, but I am becoming very frustrated and somewhat retecent concerning this issue.

I have and still do applaud moveon, even as I have read scornful reviews concerning them by analysts at the deep end of the polysci philosphical pool. Not that I am all that enamored with the breed, but it is wise to keep an ear to the ground in what they say.

Randwolfe said...

I think there are no easy answers to our dilema. There appears to be a minority in the democratic party who are truly committed to seeing the kind of change that is needed in order for our democratic experiment to continue.

Identifying exactly which members are the true blue ones, and which ones are the Vichys; the ones who are easily influenced with bribes and power, is important. And I hope that we are helping that to happen in whatever way we are able. Giving up is no option. We go with what we've got (no intention to paraphrase Rummy).